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Sicilian Pistachio and Tomato Pesto

Sicilian Pistachio and Tomato Pesto

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If you are looking for a super tasty and convenient condiment that you can always have ready when needed, dried tomato and pistachio pesto is the perfect one for you! Just sun-dried tomatoes, Sicilian pistachios, oil and a pinch of pepper; that's all you need to create a great-tasting pesto that you can also use to spice up your recipes.​


Ingredients: tomato 35 %, pistachio 25 %, sunflower seed oil, chili pepper​.

May contain other nuts (ALMOND, NUTS, HAZELNUT) and shell residues.​


Store in a cool, dry place; away from heat sources. Product ready for consumption.

  • Quantity

    190 gr

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