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Step into the new era

Have you always wanted to make the world a better place?

I did too...

The story unfolds with the founder, an adventurous Indian girl trekking in the picturesque land of Himalayas,

where she met several tribal women along the way,

some who grow and make Ayurvedic tea and natural beauty products.


Amazed by the products, the founder delved deeper into the story of the company and found out that women with little or no education, who are

led by an inspiring female entrepreneur are sustainably producing and selling products long appraised by ancient Ayurveda!


Financially empowered, these women are unstoppable!

They are becoming involved on a community level—in issues like

the quality of the village schools and they are actively improving the quality of their

family's lives, instead of cutting down timber in the Himalayas for little money.

The impact of this organization is many folds - prospering families, kids going back to school, environment conservation, and Women empowerment!

What's missing? A helping hand

Enter Womenera.....

Womenera is on a mission to establish a platform with carefully curated products produced by women-led enterprises and share them with the European community.

Our products are focused on contribution towards women empowerment and economic upliftment. We currently curate products from Italian and German women-led companies. Our dream is. to help women in India (Featured by UNDP India)& Africa and offer them exclusively in the German market. 

We are an entity that empowers Women not by charity but through opportunities. Charities are great but short-sighted, like a band-aid to a deep wound. It is not reasonable to expect charities to promote self-sufficiency and help people to achieve this; but with immediate assistance, there must also be a conjoined plan to help those people create ways to generate income and build future security.Our Women Empowerment organisation realised that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Womenera. Empowering women is now as simple as drinking herbal tea:)

The journey of  Womenera might have just begun but it foresees a future where it has successfully created a platform accessible to all small and middle-sized enterprises, around the world, especially more economically and socially disadvantaged women needing an opportunity. Any female entrepreneur needing support can approach the Womenera Community.

Together we aim to instill motivation and creativity in their hearts and build a sustainable future. Our vision is to be a platform that is a beautiful amalgamation of diverse products and its creators and present it to our special customers who are curious connoisseurs who want to make a difference in society. Will you join us in this journey for change?

Gravel Road into the Forest

Meet Sonali

Sonali is an entrepreneur at heart who has always been inclined to social projects. Womenera is the perfect opportunity to combine both her passions.

Born in patriarchal India in an empowered women majority family, she wants to empower women around the world just like her father. Currently, a sourcing specialist @ Airbus, Hamburg; She strives to bring equal opportunities and international communities together by supporting women.

Connect with me here,

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Meet Florian

Florian is passionate about supporting young talents who strive for new ideas and go on their journey to create.

Because of this attitude, in his role as Adjunct Professor for Logistics at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, Florian supports Sonali to get the journey of womenera started. Having the chance to develop new ways to make the world a better place is the spirit that fosters the change towards innovation and sustainable living. This is what Florian dreams about.

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