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We are Vera and Saria Calabretta, two sisters born in Sicily.

In the late '800 our grandfather, descendant of a family of citrus export agents, purchased a farm land in San Lonardello (Catania), on the slopes of Mount Etna. On these lands, initially addressed to the cultivation of grapevines, he soon installed citrus trees which, since the beginning of ‘900, were the main crop in this area of Sicily, then called “the lemon riviera”. The farm soon established itself on markets and started exporting citruses in Europe and America.

Today, driven by the desire to preserve the historical citrus orchard, we run the farm placing an emphasis on environmental sustainability and multifunctionality. We have therefore started an agritourism activity, we organize cooking courses and we produce marmelades and Limoncello using only fresh organic fruit from our garden.

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