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Tangerine Jam

Tangerine Jam


Our organic marmelades and jams are made using only freshly picked fruit and in the ideal state of ripeness so as to preserve flavor, color and fragrance. The only ingredients used: fruit choice and organic sugar, no preservatives or coloring is added. Great for breakfast, for the preparation of sweet and combined with cheese.

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  • Characteristics


    ORGANIC MANDARINS FROM COMPANY 71% ORGANIC CANE SUGAR FRUIT USED 71 GR PER 100 GR TOTAL SUGAR 58 GR PER 100 GR NUTRITIONAL VALUES for 100 GR: ENERGY 1024 kJ - 241 kcal, FAT 0 g - saturated 0 g, CARBOHYDRATES 59 g - sugars 58 g, FIBERS 1.2 g, PROTEIN 0.7 g, SALT 0.03 g

  • Quantity

    214 gr

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