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Blood Orange Bitter "Amara"

Blood Orange Bitter "Amara"


To be enjoyed fresh, Amaro di Arancia rossa - Amara, is an intriguing Amaro based on red orange of extraordinary quality.

Grown on the slopes of Etna, only the best peels meet an infusion of alcohol, aromatic herbs and sugar, creating an artisanal and natural amaro, without adding additives and produced in small quantities.

In the glass it is clear and of a beautiful golden color. It offers pleasant sensations that recall citrus fruits, aromatic herbs and the Mediterranean, with its delicate aromas. We recommend trying it with  pistachio biscuits.


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  • Quantity

    500 ml

  • Legal

    Please be advised you have to be at least above 18 years old to order and receive any products containing alcohol on this website.

    By ordering this product you consent to be of the required  legal age permitted in the EU or in your respective country. 

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